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1 - Basics of dependencies

This tutorial is designed for new comers to C# and Visual Studio.

Let's get started with the basics, because I am sure you just want to create your first mod. You need to know about dependencies because you are opting into using Clay's Toolkit Modding API, to enhance your mods and make life easier.


Dependencies in programming are libraries that you are depending on to be present when your code is executed. When choosing the dependencies, you must take note of how popular your dependecy is, you should avoid being dependant on a project that is not maintained or is not popular with your user base.

In other words, you are choosing CTK because, it's popular, it's highly maintained and has been since 2017!


Pros of using a modding API such as CTK, you will get easier access to stuff that you need to get your mod going, with least amount of effort, least amount of maintenance done from your end.

Not to mention, the vast range of functionality this mod brings to you, such as: Saving of your own data, loading your own data, highly accessibly data at all times and much more!


After ECO release it does sometimes take a few hours for everything to be confirmed to be working. During which time, your mod might not be functional for your users.